Building Accessible Scholarship

We are committed to continuously improving the accessibility of our projects for all users, including those with disabilities. We encourage all projects that come through the Center to adopt relevant accessibility practices from the outset, including captioning all audiovisual content we produce or host. We are also actively investigating and implementing accessible strategies to the range of digital resources we produce, including maps, data visualizations, and VR apps. 

We have also sought to spark campus-wide discussions of accessibility through the annual Conversations in Digital Accessibilities events which have brought leading experts from across the country to campus to offer lectures and workshops on best practices in digital accessibility, including captioning and image description.

We are always available to consult with faculty and students who want to make their digital scholarship more accessible.


Recommended Tools

Amara | Amazon Transcribe | 3Play Media | WCAG 2.0


Conversations in Digital Accessibilities

Annual Lecture

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A fully searchable database of captioned audiovisual resources created by ECDS and other units across the university

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Subject Matter Experts

Steve Bransford

Senior Video Producer

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Yang Li

Senior Software Engineer

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Chase Lovellette

Systems Lead

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Jay Varner

Lead Software Engineer

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