Statistical Analysis

Working With Data

Specialists at ECDS offer support for the use of quantitative data for faculty and students pursuing research and teaching.

We further the university's mission by assisting users with locating data such as economic indicators, public opinion, census/demographic data, health surveys, crime rates, election results, and other topics. We also offer consultations on transforming those data into usable forms, thus allowing users to test and evaluate arguments and hypotheses and to move from the realm of the abstract and theoretical to the realm of the empirical.

Reflecting the nondisciplinary nature of data, we assist researchers from departments and schools throughout the university.

As part of our work, we help users with software such as Stata, SAS, SPSS, and R. This can range from converting a data file from one format to another, to helping reshape and merge multiple data files into a single dataset, to helping create syntax that cleans data in a transparent and reproducible fashion. 


Recommended Tools

R | SAS | SPSS | Stat/Transfer | Stata

Subject Matter Experts

Rob O'Reilly

Data Librarian

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