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Ideas Welcome Here

We welcome proposals on a rolling basis for digital projects involving research, publishing, and pedagogy from Emory faculty, students, and staff.

We also welcome proposals from individuals and institutions outside Emory wishing to partner with the center. Partnerships with off-campus groups generally require an Emory faculty partner.

All work with the ECDS team is submitted through the proposal process. This multi-step process is deliberate and thorough in order to align resources and successfully accomplish the work.

Interactive Examples

  • Browse our website's Expertise section to learn more about the types of digital research we focus on.
  • Visit the ECDS Project List to see interactive examples of our projects.

If you are a member of the Emory community and want to apply for an OpenTour 3.0 tour site, use the Emory Community OpenTour Proposal form. If you are not in the Emory community or are interested in your own installation of OpenTour 3.0, use the Emory OpenTour Proposal form.

If you are a member of the Emory community and would like to apply to have a volume added to Readux Legacy or Readux for your teaching or research, use the Readux Volume Proposal form.

How We Help You

Some Guidelines We Use

Here are some of the key questions we use as guidelines in assessing proposals for digital projects.

  • Is the project of scholarly significance to relevant fields of inquiry?
  • Will the project's content be enhanced through digital intervention, and if so, how?
  • Is the project within the scope of the ECDS mission and priorities?
  • Is the project achievable with the current staff and resources available to ECDS and the project proposer? If not, can we build a sustainable proof of concept and work with the proposer to pursue external funding for further development?
  • Is the project achievable given the project proposer's current research, teaching, and/or work load?
  • Is the project sustainable? Consider who will be maintaining the project after ECDS, where the project will be stored, the lifecycle of the project, and if it can be archived.
  • Is the project predicated upon the ability to secure rights to copyrighted material, digitizing analog materials, partnering with other institutions, receiving external funding, or other contingencies?

Visit with Us

Make an appointment for an exploratory conversation with an ECDS staff member by emailing to set up a consultation.

Online Form to Use

After meeting with an ECDS staff member, use our Project Proposal form to submit your proposal.


We typically decide whether to accept a proposal within two weeks of submission.

Accepted Proposals

Accepted project proposals may receive support in the form of ECDS development or consultation time and/or grants in support of project-related costs.

Special Considerations

Projects estimated to require significantly more work may require external support or the approval of the Digital Scholarship and Pedagogy Governance Subcommittee.

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