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Digital Scholarship Training Program

We provide student training and professional development through our innovative Digital Scholarship Training Program (DSTP).

Learning and Skills

The Digital Scholarship Training Program (DSTP) presents an uncommon opportunity for graduate students to learn digital scholarship skills, theories, and methods relating to research and pedagogy.

Students selected for the program work regular shifts at the center helping faculty, staff, and students with digital research and pedagogy-related questions.

They are also paired with research projects in their area of interest and learn the necessary skills while gaining valuable experience in digital scholarship.

The program's training and professional development aspects are designed to prepare all ECDS students to be successful in careers within, alongside, and beyond the academy through an array of opportunities such as:

  • Training and teaching workshops
  • Creating training materials
  • Attending digital scholarship tools and methods trainings
  • Attaining digital credentialing across tools and methods in digital scholarship, ensuring students can illustrate the skills they have learned in ECDS

Professional Credentials

As paid graduate student employees, DSTP participants are expected to work 8 hours per week in the center. They are expected to work on personal research when not training, assisting faculty and staff, or working on ECDS projects.

DSTP is structured on a tiered basis:

  • Digital Scholarship Specialist I
  • Digital Scholarship Specialist II
  • Digital Scholarship Consultant/Technical Lead

All students enter at Tier 1 unless they are hired to work on specific project and already have the necessary experience required.



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